De închiriat APARTAMENT cu 1 camere în Milano, Italia

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Tip contract:Închiriere
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Milano, Milano
Index intern:35F485E0-7D9F-0CEB-C2A1-F09DE6A9508F
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In the heart of the city 'of Milan, near via Marvel, we propose studio completely renovated and furnished. The apartment is on the fifth floor of a building of the 20s, with a lift. The main feature of the apartment and 'the brightness' as well as the views of value. From the various balconies and 'you can admire the central part of the city' in Milan first of all excavations Romans. Despite the small size, the house and 'very comfortable and plenty of cupboards made and allow to use the space in the best way and to keep the apartment in order. The living / sleeping area and 'been studied ad hoc, it disappears into the bedroom of a wooden platform on which and' a comfortable sofa and plasma TV. The kitchen and 'set in a niche and it' can make it invisible, leaving space to the surrounding environment. All these features make the apartment comfortable even for long-term leases. Ideal for singles or young couples staying in Milan for work and looking for accommodation elegant, refined. Availability 'of box excluded from the canon. Monthly charges € 1,800 per year inclusive of heating with thermo-valves. Available by the end of February.--d5a4a44417c93d7564cdf4811daf9092!

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