De vânzare APARTAMENT cu 3 camere în Firenze, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Firenze, Firenze
Index intern:38622B78-25E0-5EC0-AE30-65DAC32F070C
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CONTACT SPANISH CONSTRUCTION 800.555.800 COSTRUZIONI SPANISH PROPOSED IN THE CONTEXT OF ONE OASIS: APPARTAMENTO THE GROUND FLOOR OF SERVICE WITH BATHROOM, KITCHEN OPEN SPACE AND A SPACIOUS LIVING AND VERY BRIGHT. We WILL 'OBTAINED A ROOM WITH STUDIO modern SLIDING PANELS THAT WILL' ILLUMINATED BY BEAUTIFUL WINDOWS OF TOTAL SURFACE AREA LIVING. NELLA E'COMPRESO THE FLOOR OF 34sqm WHERE ARE DOUBLE ROOM WITH BATHROOM. IL PROGETTO Il project OASI eco-residences The Cure is an idea: to live is not to occupy a space but to choose the best place to live. What allows us to say "I'm home", in what is imagined and voluta. Oasi is this: the synthesis between the beauty and the value of the historic building complex and the best technological solutions in terms of energy saving, innovation and materials. The big inner park to use full esclusivo dei residents a framework designed to offer the ultimate in quality dell'abitare. IL PARCO Il inner park is about 2,350 square meters. Completely surrounded by high stone walls and almost invisible from the outside, it will be reserved for residents and will have the function of real green lung for the families OASI. Saranno 43 new plants that will be inserted to restore the former glory 'original nineteenth-century English garden. LE unique CASE Ambienti, designed to satisfy the most sophisticated stylistic requirements and in technology for living. With absolute respect to the health of the families that will spend their lives in our homes, every material used, strictly certified made in Italy, was chosen for the best features and technical values ??but also and above all for the sustainable qualities that guarantee. LA cLASS A Realizzare houses in energy class a means to respect the environment in terms of pollutant emissions but also considerably reduce the expenses bills. In general, and unless you have not been made specific interventions, most of the existing buildings in the area are in class G. But that concrete differences there are and how much it consumes on average a house of 100 square meters? Un'abitazione of this size and class G produces 3636 kg of carbon dioxide each year with warming, for an average cost of 1620 euros. Have the same house but in energy class "A" means annual savings of approximately 1458 Euros, or spend the yearly figure of the house to class G in about 10 anni. TECNOLOGIA Dal terms of plant engineering the OASIS project provides the best that technology can offer in terms of plant engineering. for heating and cooling systems will be installed in fact pavimento. Per the monoaffaccio units, so no possibility of cross ventilation, we also decided to equip the houses with ventilation systems meccanic--bf30cb645efda60fc90cd79b760ef7ef!

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