De vânzare APARTAMENT cu 3 camere în Roma, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Roma, Roma
Index intern:371B5D2C-7BB9-D590-B37C-B1CD604CF050
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In Ferry Street, between Via sailing ships and yachts Away, the top floor of a building in cortina, we offer for sale a penthouse completely renovated. Entering inside the stately complex we can notice the complete absence of architectural barriers and the recent renovation carried out within the building and its exterior coatings. Reached the top floor of the building, through the door we enter inside the apartment and are immediately welcomed into a bright entrance hall, where we can notice that the paving of the entire living area is made of a precious terracotta. Now on our right is a square-shaped living room due to its large size can accommodate any type of furniture; In addition, right by the entrance, we may even see the large terrace accessible via two large French Windows in the room. Continuing in front of us there is a sliding door made of wood and glass, allowing us to get into the kitchen, where it is placed a table can accommodate up to 8 people, this environment-through a patio door-we can reach another part of the terrace, where we can enjoy a different perspective of the panorama on the area in which we find ourselves. Back in the Hall, through a curtain door located at the right of the kitchen, we access to the hallway that connects all the other rooms of the House. The first room we find, to our left, is a service room window, which can be used as a study area that possibly as teenage bedroom a single bed. In front of the study there are two double bedrooms, both available as a square with French doors on the same deck that spans the entire apartment. All three rooms just mentioned are paved with fine strips of parquet of warm color. Finally, down the Hall, we find the two articles, both Windows; in the first there is a shower, while in the second there is a corner bathtub made of masonry and a large mirror that occupies the entire wall of the service. The highlight of the apartment is undoubtedly the large outside deck of 92 square meters right in the Centre of Ostia, a portion of it was used as a dining area and relaxation, where you can enjoy the outdoors during holidays and summer vacations, while remaining sheltered from the Sun by installing a wooden canopy. To make all reserved this space outside, we find a wooden fence along the perimeter of the deck. Each agency has its own holder and detached-this information does not constitute a contractual element.

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