De vânzare APARTAMENT cu 4 camere în Brescia, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Brescia, Brescia
Index intern:38BA13DD-EB3D-B9ED-7D2A-B2D43F827828
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WEST city, just 2 steps from the Center, four under construction class A and b. entrance hall, kitchen, spacious living room with balcony, 3 bedrooms, 2 double beds, two bathrooms. Double garage, underfloor heating, home automation and climate control. Possibility choice finishes. Prices from Euro 309,000.00. To see. more properties on stems from the experience of the agencies the bridge of leftover dott. Pietro di Salò, Goal horse House Laura Castelcovati and reality House of Salim Dr. Giuseppe di Brescia with the intent to consolidate synergies can provide qualified solutions to an increasingly demanding clientele. The three agencies, all owned and with several campuses, offer properties in strategic locations in the province: Brescia city and Western hinterland, Brescia, Franciacorta, Iseo Lake and Lake Garda. is able to combine the traditional reliability of the Agency familiar to the visibility of the large group. is not a franchise but a group of agencies that share the working methods, the quality of services and care for the customer. The agencies of the real estate market are proposed group bresciano to ensure marketability to your property and offer countless solutions, keeping all the features that have marked. The customer who entrusts their property to one of, thanks to the work and strength of the group, has a chance to reach, through such portals and primary as well as through trade magazines, such as Ottopiùcasa of the Giornale di Brescia, the courier real estate and Areacasa, the maximum exposure possible today. expresses positivity in a time when we hear about mainly by contraction of trades and prices; the attention to personal relationships as well as knowledge of the market will guide the customer in satisfaction of their desires. agents are associated FIAIP and accredited to the Borsa Immobiliare of Brescia, are enrolled in Ruolo dei periti e degli esperti at the Chamber of Commerce of Brescia and active part in detecting the list of buildings of Brescia and province. The headquarters of Brescia House (tel 030-33 68 562) is located in Brescia via Trento 51/A, in the heart of Borgo Trento.

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