De vânzare APARTAMENT cu 4 camere în Firenze, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Firenze, Firenze
Index intern:37B680D2-80F4-B559-6F63-0C28F08700AF
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Rif: OASI - SALE offer apartments and villas of various sizes under construction.
The OASIS project eco-residences The Cure is an idea: to live is not to occupy a space but to choose the best place to live. What allows us to say "I'm home", in what is imagined and desired. Oasis is this: the synthesis between the beauty and the value of the historic building complex and the best technological solutions in terms of energy saving, innovation and materials. The big inner park for the exclusive use of the residents a complete framework designed to offer the ultimate in quality of living.
For facades that open onto the inner park has been redesigned the wall curtain, with a rhythm of solids and voids, which recalls the composition of public facades, removing recent interventions random and inopportune, which had overshadowed the perceptual and artistic gradient the compendium. It is in fact re-proposed large openings on the park, which open onto terraces and elegant new light (Florentine style), which allow for their size, have lunch enjoying the silence and the restful greenery offered by the majestic trees that draw the condominium private space and the surrounding gardens villas.
All the work that has guided us in the enhancement of the history of the place, its natural and artistic value, was held in conjunction with the Superintendence of historical and artistic heritage and the Municipality of Florence, with whom we have guaranteed the commitment to redevelop some public spaces of the neighborhood, adjacent to our area.
For facades that open onto the inner park has been redesigned the wall curtain, with a rate of "full and empty", which recalls the composition of those facing the public highway. In fact, the characteristic of this compendium, wanted and built by a family of Florentine nobility, is the one to have the first floor of the large French windows with a regular rhythm and pressing. This speaks of the desire to have a strong relationship between inside and outside. We wanted to enhance this strong trade, especially on the home front that overlooks the beautiful park property and so revived the French windows, both on the ground floor (with connection outbuildings on the property), and the first floor, with large terraces where you can enjoy the park even dining out in warmer seasons. This strong relationship with the outside is also in unison with the porch building (added to the first half of fifteenth-core), where the front is a skin built around the "empty", so that the two rows of openings are made from the large porch of the ground floor and a long covered terrace running the length of the statement, then closed with large wooden windows. These offer the units to which they belong, a splendid view of the park and the surrounding villas.

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