De vânzare APARTAMENT cu 4 camere în Lomagna, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Lomagna, Lecco
Index intern:37019895-1501-2E1E-3BFB-D1ECC7E6A3E8
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Class "A +" innovative building with geothermal beautiful new Four square meters. 120-sqm terrace. 30-private garden sqm. 130. Interior fittings of your choice with materials from high-level specifications. The apartment consists of: living room, kitchen, three large bedrooms, two bathrooms (both with window). Terrace and garden. Cellar sqm. 12. Elevator pits or double. "Energy efficient, eco sustainability, geothermal energy. All the energy is fed only by geothermal (no gas network), the energy class is the highest on the market: one of the few present in Lombardy, which carries a high energy savings in addition to the environmental respect: ZERO MAINTENANCE COSTS – LIGHT – GAS – even natural stone façade coating.-the class A + is recognized by special insulation and high-tech efficient plants that can take advantage of the contribution of natural resources :-Geothermal (borehole of vertical depth of 100.00 ml sufficient number to be taken from the ground the thermal energy required to winter heating and summer cooling of the building)-land/water type heat pump: heat pump this version allows to achieve higher yields at traditional air/water heat pumps-solar panels-photovoltaic panels-ventilated facade-controlled mechanical ventilation-heating and cooling-electric induction plates (no gas network)-anti noise Windows and doors-low e-electric blinds-Double driveway gate-color video code-pedestrian gates electrically-controlled walkways and ground lights-Lifts cars powered by box-cellars. -Boxes with folding already electrified. To open the specifications: WWW.COMASWEB.IT the building is located in the historical centre of Lomagna, in a context of high value, unique location surrounded by greenery with magnificent views of the surrounding hills, with all amenities within walking distance, close to the ring road and the main roads. The sizes are approximate and may not be used as an integral part in any sales contract. Direct sale from the manufacturer.

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