De vânzare APARTAMENT în Cuneo, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Cuneo, Cuneo
Index intern:360E4913-DAD0-F380-F045-CA1790995210
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Nice APARTMENT in progress, WEDGE 2° floor with elevator, to be renovated, double exposure, climate control, composed of: entrance, living room, kitchen, 4 bedrooms, bathroom, storage room and 2 balconies. BEE = in progress € 500,000 (item 42) our agency invests part of its funds in property advertising, knowing full well that good advertising is no guarantee of success, so we make advertising promotions in publishing specializes in real estate in provincial distribution and by more than 20 leading property portals (,,, FaceBook, ...) in addition to our website ( designed to be of clear understanding and easy to use. On real estate for sale or rent placards we position the different handling and also place ads with photos in our shop Windows in Cuneo in piazza Galimberti, being Nice and being located in Europe square, high visibility, which produce a high response rates. We cooperate willingly with all estate agencies operating in the area, always ensuring our presence, so doing transform competition in synergy useful to conclude more quickly every assignment at no additional cost to their customers. We employ a large number of professionals and experts to real estate including notaries, engineers, architects, surveyors, lawyers, accountants, small businesses and artisans in order to solve problems that may arise in the course of the sale. These partnerships often are indispensable for the good end of the deal. We offer free valuations without demanding any future commitments, clarifying for what will be the tax payments and costs that will be borne out of any real estate transaction. At every stage of bargaining, to the success of the deal, we guarantee our presence until the signing of the deed of sale. Our fee will accrue solely to the good end of the deal. If during the period of assignment the property owner directly finds a potential buyer a refund, agreed in advance and usually equal to 50% of the agreed fee to cancel the appointment or, where appropriate, be assisted at all stages of bargaining (visit, preliminary, certifications, deed etc.). Our goal is to make real estate transactions trying to achieve the maximum satisfaction of the seller as soon as possible, without the risk of hard to reach targets or deceive magnify create situations, which, given the particular situation of the market, could damage the objectives themselves. We hereby invite you to contact us so that we can enjoy all the services offered.

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