De vânzare CASĂ cu 3 camere în Gallarate, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:CASĂ
Amplasare:Gallarate, Varese
Index intern:35E565CF-BF3D-5E5E-DB1A-004D1DDA5018
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Central, prestigious convent originally built in the 14th century, being rebuilt. New elegant and luminous House attic beams of large size, with balcony at the well, comprising entrance hall, large living area, kitchen, master bedroom with master bathroom, second bedroom on request, bathroom. Fine finishes in an elegant environment, possibility of personalization. In direct sales tel. 031 3531000-personalized payments-income tax recovery for the purchase of restored estate from enterprise. The residence Saint Augustine offers flats in prestige, unique and original, from apartment 3 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms, up to large homes. The complex consists of five distinct blocks, different stylistic and constructive standpoint, testifying to the history of the building. The main façade on via Trombini is divided into three parts, the northernmost of which corresponds to the ancient Augustinian convent of the XIV-XVI century and preserves the simple façade in fine decorated stone doorway surrounded in relief. Inside, you can see the portico with eight bays, with arches supported by Doric columns, restored in the late 19th century. Indoor area on the ground floor, there are the times with lunettes and vaults decorated with stucco decorations, typical of nineteenth-century restorations. Upstairs, in a passage, today one of the houses built, is preserved the precious XVII century fresco portraying the deposition, attributed to Carlo dog. The main façade, rebuilt in the late 19th century, reproduces in full the existing porch on the opposite side of the courtyard and the above sequence of Windows, while the wing devoted to girls ' school is characterized by ease of composition and by the total absence of decoration. The southern portion was rebuilt in 1931 by adopting the architectural language of the historicist eclecticism. The façade has Windows, decorative details colors, beaded rounds, lines of sills and the cornice, the contrast of the ashlars and brick, typical of the Renaissance palace. The cloister, with the overlap of trefoils defined by slender Corinthian columns, and geometric decorations, reinterprets in the three main sides 15th-century forms. The fourth side is the ancient theatre, with pointed arches that enhance the historical significance.

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