De vânzare APARTAMENT în Nizza Monferrato, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Nizza Monferrato, Asti
Index intern:36ECD489-9751-4EA8-A346-896E99E26606
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Ref: IT005080000000-the property sale is composed of free spaces on the first floor formerly used as offices, block services and large balconies. The piece is part of a building which is spread over four floors above ground and one basement floor.

Lends itself to an eventual conversion to residential use A first Fund faces the courses and Balan and consists of the condominium entrance to hallway, two bedrooms, bathroom and four corner balconies of which one while the second has views to the courses and to the inner courtyard and consists of input from scala condominium, hallway, corridor, two bedrooms, two bathrooms, closets, three balconies.

The finishes of the pieces consist of external doors in wood with wooden shutters and grilles; flooring made with pvc modules of type "float" to the ceramic tiles and directional for services; internal partitions and modular walls; gypsum-finished ceiling; interior joinery in laminated glass panels which both closed and wooden entrance doors armored. You have the usual setting asides endowments.

The building is located in central town area and is located on the corner between via p. Courses and Balan. This is an area that is part of the urban Kingdom which has a homogeneous urban fabric system to residential and commercial head typical of the mid-1800s.

The urbanized all around is influenced by a number of religious places of worship and, by market and by the diversity of the social fabric. The block in question is placed in a very important commercially and quadrilateral with prevalence of retail areas while retailing is present in areas located in more outlying areas.

The area is served by public facilities, education, religious, by green areas and sports facilities all located in the immediate vicinity. The i

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