De vânzare APARTAMENT cu 3 camere în Sveti Vlas, Bulgaria

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:APARTAMENT
Amplasare:Sveti Vlas, Burgas
Index intern:99059007-1B9F-57A6-FD8F-E306BA471F45
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In 2002 Dinevi Group inaugurated the Monaster y complex – one of their first complexes on the Black Sea coast in the area of Sveti Vlas. The combination of the traditional Bulgarian architecture and modern infrastructure aroused great interest among the people willing to possess their own seaside homes and made the complex one of the fastest selling projects.

Five years later, again in Sveti Vlas, between the Monastery I and Dolce Vita complexes, Dinevi will inaugurate the Monastery II, their newest holiday village. This seaside pearl is locaed on the beachfront and combines old Bulgarian architecture, exquisite interior design and perfect infrastructure. Both complexes are in close proximity to the ruins of the Monastery of St. Vlasy, after whom the town was named .

The Monastery II complex features an interesting architectural design of buildings of varying heights encircling the lush greenery of the internal court yard. The alpineums scattered tastefully around the courtyard add to the beauty of the green spaces.

The natural slope of the terrain has been skillfully used for the construction of the underground residential units along the southern border of the complex. The south elevation of the complex is entirely glazed and has only one view – that of the sea.

The spacious courtyard of the complex offers various additional services. The owners will have at their disposal a water bar with open terraces located below the main swimming pool. Available will be a shop, a restaurant, spaces for relaxation and leisure as well as swimming pools for adults and kids. Envisaged for construction in the northern part of the complex is an open-air parking lot for 40 cars. Ramps for baby carriages and wheelchairs will be installed where necessary.

The Monastery II complex is a luxurious turnkey development. The facades will be covered with smooth white mineral plaster and framed with brown colored wooden elements. The first floors and some of the second floors will feature rubble stone coverings.

The roofs will be covered with shingles resembling old Bulgarian single-eave shingles. All apartments will be supplied with airconditioning systems, Spanish tiles, lamps and white porcelain sanitary ware. Buildings over 4 storeys high will have lifts.

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