De vânzare VILĂ cu 3 camere în Santa Maria, Capul Verde

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:VILĂ
Amplasare:Santa Maria, Sal
Index intern:1689A314-FA91-4112-8DE4-AB1FAAE3A85E
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Sal has pristine golden sandy beaches that rival any of those found in the Caribbean and literally go on for miles. In fact with a blend of African, Brazilian and Portuguese cultures, Cape Verde (Cabo Verde) has been dubbed the African Caribbean (but without the hurricanes). Unspoilt diverse islands with beautiful quiet golden beaches & turquoise clear seas.

Political and religious stability. Multi cultural, friendly population, year round tropical climate, no rainy season unless you call 3 or 4 days a year during August / September time a season. Low crime rate.

Great investment and rental potential. Property laws influenced by Portuguese legal system.

Easy access from Europe – flights from UK, Germany, Italy, Scandinavia, Holland, France, Belgium, Spain, Poland, Czech Republic, Portugal and many others Worldwide flights, including USA and Brazil plus many from Africa. Huge potential for new businesses.

Fixed exchange rate with Escudos and Euro with secure banking facilities.

One of only a few countries ever to be promoted from the United Nations’ “Least developed nation” category to “Middle income country” status, Cape Verde can be justifiably proud as it is quite an achievement for a group of islands barely heard of a decade ago. Cape Verde has a well functioning democracy.

Cape Verde is certainly a fine example of what a successful democracy can do for its population.



Its expected that within the next few years, the Cape Verde Islands will see one million tourists per year and it is also forecast that there will be a shortage of good quality beds - either in the hotels or through private rentals. Sal has seen a lot of changes in the last few years and the future is looking, even more exciting.

February 2014 has seen work start on the Hilton Hotel and Casino complex. This is very prestigious for Sal as the Hilton performs in depth research before committing to develop a site. This prestigious hotel is due to open late 2015.

Early 2014 will also see the start of a major town centre project - The Imperial development and then followed by Santa Maria Beach. At present no details are available on Santa Maria Beach but please let us know if you are interested, then we can send you the details when we receive them.

Both of these will eventually transform the town, without losing any of its character, providing commercial and up market residential properties. There are several beach front penthouses which are sure to be in demand as they will have some of the best views on the island, across the pier, the beaches and Santa Maria.

Dunas Beach,

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