De vânzare VILĂ în San Pietro In Casale, Italia

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Tip contract:Vânzare
Tip proprietate:VILĂ
Amplasare:San Pietro In Casale, Bologna
Index intern:059A0049-718F-112C-CDB5-E2451898904D
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Detached house adjacent to new residential area, with a large garden planted and fenced which ensures privacy and confidentiality. Arranged over two floors, it offers the possibility of enlargement and to build up to six units. Large fabricated accessory to use services. Prompt delivery. The town centre is easily reached on foot. REF. 257-15 G energy rating: ENERGY PERFORMANCE INDEX: SAINT PETER REAL ESTATE GROUP 320.44 EVERY COMPANY HAS ITS OWN STORY, its own SOUL and ITS VALUE so it is also for our company, present for 25 years in the areas of Bologna and Ferrara, with the aim of providing a concrete, professional and decisive intermediary service and real estate consulting. Our value is given by the Exchange, sharing and solid reputation. EVERY HOUSE IS UNIQUE AND SPECIAL BY PEOPLE WHO LIVE IT. So it is also for our company. That's why even today our greatest desire is to make you feel "at home". With 54 agents divided into 15 agencies and a staff of specialists and managers we strive every day to maintain a real sensitivity and a straightforward approach to individual customer needs. Attention to values and ethics sets us apart. We believe this depends on the fact that our group, composed of businessmen and professionals, sharing the same vision, pursues the same mission and believes in the same values. EXCELLENT TECHNICAL PREPARATION, an important NETWORK of LOCAL REPORTS the sale and purchase of a property involves a range of knowledge and extensive checks and, sometimes, even very complex. For this, we at Saint Peter real estate form continuously and if necessary we can make use of proven specialists in the delivery of specific services.

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